Garden Consultations and Makeovers


Established gardens are often in need of editing and updating as they evolve. Perhaps you’re just frustrated with how your garden looks and functions, but have no idea where to begin. Or, you are planning on improving your home and want to take the landscaping in consideration to enhance your home’s overall curb appeal. A garden consultation can identify what you have to work with, what the constraints are, and reveal the best ways to unlock the potential of your home and garden.


The process begins with a meeting to understand your stylistic preferences and what you’re looking for out of your garden. We also walk the site to take inventory of existing conditions, identify what is and what is not working, and look at the functional aspects like topography and drainage.


After evaluating the site and clarifying the objectives, detailed recommendations are made. Sometimes consultations end with a specific “to do” list, and others require more detailed follow up and plans depending on the scope of work. Consultations are billed at an hourly rate with a two-hour minimum, and all follow up work is billed hourly. Should a consultation lead to a contract for a detailed landscape plan, the consultation is refunded out of the design fee.