Project Management

Building a garden requires many skill sets, and an understanding of sequencing. A design is only as good as its execution. We work with contractors who are committed to quality, pay attention to detail, and who take great pride in their work.

While we are happy to work with your builder or contractor, Everett, Conroy & Landis Garden Design has long standing relationships with contractors that we recommend based on the size and scope of your project. We work with experienced landscaping installers who hunt for the best plant material, skilled masons and carpenters, welders and metalsmiths, irrigation and lighting specialists, arborists and professional gardeners for maintenance. For every project, Everett, Conroy & Landis Garden Design prepares a scope of work and recommends the appropriate professionals to build the garden.

If permits are required — for county or historic districts — we prepare the materials, inclusive of existing and proposed views, site plans, 3d elevations, attend the meetings, and secure neighbor approval.   

If topography maps, civil and structural engineer drawings or constructions drawings are required for your project, those services are available through professional affiliations. 

Once construction is underway, we work to ensure the garden is built as intended to the highest standards of quality. This involves good planning, regular site visits and seamless and effective communication between all parties. The project administration stage is crucial as questions always arise and design decisions have to be made and adjusted in the field during the construction process. The result is gardens that are built to last, and built with integrity and pride. 



A design is only as good as it’s execution.  We work with contractors who are committed to quality, pay attention to detail, and who take pride in their work.