Washington DC

The entire approach to this house was completely reimagined to create a more gracious entry from the street that was centered on the front of the house. Sitting on top of a hill, the house overlooks the street below, but there was no privacy or sense of space- just a large sloping lawn to the curb below. To create a room with a view, we created a boulder wall to level the space, and defined a circular upper lawn with evergreen screening trees as a backdrop that was framed by an extensive ring of layered plantings on the slope below. This created a private upper lawn terrace for the family enclosed by a garden that visitors walk through to approach the house.

The plantings descend down the hill using height and structure to block undesirable views and direct your gaze to pleasing ones.  A mix of trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses and herbs are layered with attention to four season interest.  The garden is romantic, lush and abundant, with contrasts in texture and shape delighting the eye.

Limelight hydrangeas are mixed in with various grasses and a wild mix of loose perennials.  Verbenia bonariensis peeps out amongst Perovskia and Allium, with wisps of Nasella floating amongst the ground plane.  Boxwood defines the edge, and the formality is a nice contrast with the wildness of the garden as you descend down the walk.



Before / After


Masonry:  Serra Stone

Landscaping:  Cornerstone Landscaping

Lighting:  Outdoor Illumination




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