Cleveland Park, Washington DC


This small front yard represents a bridge of client interests: a husband who was interested in unusual conifers, and a wife who wanted a romantic, English style garden filled with fragrant flowers and an herb garden.

The existing walk remained but was framed with billowing Garden Pinks. A hedge of boxwoods inter planted with hydrangeas borders the fence, with a miscanthus grass marking the entrance. Oncoming cars are blocked by evergreen trees faced with lilacs and daylilies. Roses, peonies,  and hostas add romance, and fall color is provided with a Japanese Maple and blue plumbago.


A herb garden framed in cobblestone is anchored by a charming bird bath and provides a focal point from the front porch. The garden has a unique collection of evergreens: a weeping hemlock, Japanese black pine and a dwarf red pine.

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Installation:  Garden Gate Landscparing 



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